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Using Animation Clips to Enhance Literacy

A skilled writer conveys a message that can be accurately interpreted by a reader. Unfortunately, when students write about what they did during their holidays or on the weekend, it is difficult to measure the accuracy of the written attempt as the context may not be known. Similarly, there are many students who, when asked to write, whether in the classroom or clinic, are reluctant to put pen to paper as they struggle to generate ideas. Fortunately, we know that a retell or recount can provide insight into a student’s language skills and when they write it down, it provides additional information about sentence structure, vocabulary and word meaning as well as their ability to sequence ideas into a cohesive text. Using video can be highly engaging, it can be paused and restarted to scaffold the writing task and the reader has a reference point against which they can compare the response to identify areas of strength and weakness. Furthermore, a written recount from an animated video is a task that can be administered with a whole class, providing an effective and efficient way to collect a piece of written text from a whole class during a single lesson. Join Kathryn to explore the classroom and clinic application of using animation clips to support comprehension and writing skills including practical easy to implement strategies to scaffold the success of students requiring additional support.

Date: Monday 14th October 2024

Time: 7:00 pm – 8: 30 pm AEST (Melbourne Time)


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Non-Member – $60

About Kathryn Thorburn

Kathryn is a dual qualified Speech Pathologist and Teacher with a Masters in Special Education. She has 25 years of experience as a Speech Pathologist and runs a small private practice, Language and Learning. Kathryn has 20 years experience in education, she is a NESA accredited teacher and has taught in mainstream classroom & school executive roles in NSW Department of Education, and AISNSW schools across K-12. She has worked as an Education Officer: Developmental Disabilities Role within Catholic education, piloted a Rehabilitation – Education Liaison Role for the Hunter New England Paediatric Brain Injury & Rehabilitation Teams and has more recently been involved in the curriculum reform process with NESA for K-2 & 3-6 English. Kathryn is providing expert mentor support for the Hunter NELI project as part of the AISNSW School-Based Research Project. Kathryn understands first-hand the demands placed on classroom teachers, she strives to make the complex practical and to support school in supporting learners in the most effective, time and resource efficient manner possible. For more info, see www.languageandlearning.com.au/

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