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Teachers are a major force for improving society. To be successful, the teaching profession must base its instructional practices on the results of good quality empirical research, and this involves keeping abreast of scientific developments. One of LDA’s main goals is to keep bridging the gaps between evolving scientific knowledge and members of the teaching profession, including educational policy makers, teacher education faculties, and teachers at the chalkface. Visit the skill areas below to learn about initiatives, approaches and programs that are being used effectively in each area.   

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Lorraine Hammond: Explicit Instruction – Why What You Say Matters

Explicit Instruction – Why What You Say Matters

Past LDA President, Lorraine Hammond gives her insight into Explicit Instruction and why what we say matters.

Reading is a complex skill and it is a relatively recent invention, as far as human timelines go. Unlike speaking and listening, humans…
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Reading and spelling are closely linked, but also draw on different skills and processes. At the most basic level, spelling is a…
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As with reading, writing is not a natural skill and therefore must be taught. Unfortunately, many teachers do not feel well…
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Numeracy is a concept that is referred to as the ability to make use of mathematical concepts adeptly in our daily lives.
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