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Research has shown that people with learning difficulties learn better with the support of technology.

Technology offers a multi sensory, diverse pathway for people with learning difficulties. Technology has many and varied modalities from computer hardware and mobile devices to specific applications.  Devices provide for format use in many ways from seeing and hearing to touching. Technologies support and provide the means to inclusive access, communication and improved learning for all.

“Good teachers match the use of teaching strategies and technology to the needs of the student based on assessment and sound knowledge of the student’s strengths and weaknesses not on a whim, fad or fashion.”

Ian Bean iPads in Autism Monday 24 October 2011

Learning Difficulties Australia endorses the use of technology to support learning. The matching of student needs to particular software remains the responsibility teachers, based on diagnostic assessment and evaluation of software content and presentation. LDA provides a list of potentially suitable software that may support an overall effective teaching and learning program.

Key Research Papers: Technology