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We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 12th & Wednesday 13th September from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm AEDT (Melbourne time).

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About Sarah Wedderburn

Sarah Wedderburn founded Unicornmaths in 2003 based on the principle ‘Make numbers real and make them fun’. She believes that effective maths remediation needs to be multi-sensory, encouraging students to touch and move concrete resources so that they develop full understanding and strong visual images before moving on to abstract reasoning. This interaction needs to be enjoyable and include continual overlearning and revisiting to build up a student’s confidence and retention.

Sarah is the author of the Diagnostic Assessment of Numeracy Skills (DANS), a qualitative maths assessment that uses activities and games to discover what a student really knows, rather than what they can present on paper. The DANS
Assessment Map enables targeted lesson planning as it clearly shows which numerical concepts are fully understood, and which need reinforcing in class and individual support lessons.