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Bulletin | Volume 56 | No 1, April 2024


  • Geoff Ongley: From the President
  • Anne Bellert: Consultant notes

Laura Glisson: In this issue of the Bulletin

Stephanie Murphy: AGM Roundup

  • Mim Davidson & Diane Barwood: Richard (Dick) Weigall OAM
  • Joan Sedita: Why Writing Instruction is Needed
  • Christine Jackson & Annie Fisher: Why AERO is Working to Support a Whole-School Appoach to Writing
  • Stephanie Le Lievre: The Syntax Project: An Explicit Approach to Sentence Level Writing (and speaking!)
  • Damon Thomas & Nathan Lowien: Developing Students’ Metalinguistic Understandings for Writing Moving Beyond Form to Function
  • Ingrid Sealey: Crafting Sentences: Four Simple Writing Techniques to Elevate Students’ Learning
  • Kim Knight: Writing Their Way Through the Forest
  • Tessa Daffern, Kate Hogg, Nicole Callaway, Heath Wild & Sharon Kelly: Supporting Schools to Implement an Evidence Based and Effective Approach to Teaching Spelling
  • Bernice Johnston: How the Peggy Lego Program Supports Your Students Your Student’s Handwriting from the Very Beginning
  • Kathryn Thorburn: Kathryn Thorburn’s Top 15 Resources for Writing

Book Review

  • Hema Desai: The Writing Rope: A Framework for Explicit Writing Instruction in All Subjects
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