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Bulletin | Volume 51 | Nos 2 & 3, Summer 2019


Council Notes

  • Lorraine Hammond: From the President
  • Wendy Moore: Council News
  • Ros Neilson: An interview with David Kilpatrick
  • Award Presentations following the AGM
  • Jennifer Buckingham: The mission to improve reading instruction; How can we achieve success?
  • Steven Capp: How one school made the transition to evidence-based practice
  • Jan Roberts: On being a Consultant Member of LDA

Special issue: On phonics, phonemic awareness and dyslexia

  • Jennifer Buckingham & Kevin Wheldall: Why all state’s and territories should follow South Australia’s lead and introduce the Year 1 Phonics Check – An update.
  • Stephen Parker: Synthetic Phonics: What it is and what it is not.
  • Ros Neilson: The Phonemic Awareness versus Phonics Debate: Avoiding the Friendly Fire
  • James Chapman & William Tunmer: Dyslexia and Equity: A more inclusive approach to reading difficulties
  • Steve Dykstra: In Defence of Truth: A reply to 57 Reading Voices on the Issue of Dyslexia
  • Peter Westwood: What’s in a name?
  • A new name for LDA?
  • Anne Pringle & Mim Davidson: Vale Anne Bishop.

Consultant Notes

  • Ann Ryan: Consultant Notes