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Nominations / applications forr the 2024 LDA & AJLD Awards are now open! Click here for more information or to nominate / apply.

LDA Awards

The LDA Awards are designed to recognise outstanding work in the field of learning difficulties. The Mona Tobias, Bruce Wicking, and Tertiary Student Awards are open to both members and non-members of LDA. The Rosemary Carter Award is open to current LDA Consultant Members. Individuals may only be nominated for one LDA award in any round. LDA reserves the right not to confer an award in any of these categories if no suitable nomination is received.

  • LDA Mona Tobias Award
  • LDA Bruce Wicking Award
  • LDA Tertiary Student Award
  • LDA Rosemary Carter Award

AJLD Awards

Two new awards, the AJLD Eminent Researcher Award and the AJLD Early Career Researcher Award, were initiated in 2012. These Awards, funded by Routledge, publishers of the the Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties, are designed to recognise significant contributions to research and to encourage submissions of high quality research papers to the Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties, and in this way to raise the profile of the AJLD. These awards are decided by the Journal Editors in consultation with the Editorial Board and LDA President.

  • AJLD Eminent Researcher Award
  • AJLD Early Career Researcher Award

Nomination Procedures

Nominations for 2024 are now open!

Please click here to nominate or apply.

Recipients of the LDA and AJLD Awards will be announced in August and presented at the LDA Annual General Meeting thereafter. In the event that the AGM is held in person, award recipents’ travel and accommodation expenses to attend the ceremony will be met by LDA.