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Bulletin | Volume 53 | No 2, August 2021


Lorraine Hammond: From the President
Michael Roberts & Sarah Asome: Council News

Special Issue: Speech AND Print

  • Roslyn Neilson: In this issue of the Bulletin…
  • Anna Desjardins (Notley): Speech-to-print and print-to- speech: Two sides of a single coin – let’s not devalue the currency.
  • Jan Wasowicz: A Speech-to-Print approach to teaching reading
  • Roslyn Neilson: Forum on Decodable Readers: Introduction
  • Sue Lloyd and Sara Wernham: The Australian curriculum and the role of decodable readers in systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) programs
  • Jocelyn Seamer: The role of decodable texts in learning to read
  • Timothy Shanahan: Decodable readers in the context of teaching ‘Set for Variability’ skills

Book Review

  • Wendy Moore: The cognitive foundations of reading and its acquisition: A framework with applications connecting teaching and learning, by Wesley A. Hoover and William E. Tunmer (2020)

Consultant Notes

Olivia Connelly: Consultant notes