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Bulletin | Volume 50 | No 3, Spring 2018


Council Notes

  • Lorraine Hammond: From the President
  • Wendy Moore: Council Notes
  • Molly de Lemos: Update on LDA Publications
  • Robyn Wheldall: AUSPELD and LDA
  • Alison Clarke: Why are children not getting the systematic explicit phonic they need?
  • Ray Boyd: From the rock comes the sculpture
  • Fay Tran: Individualising the teaching and spelling: reflections from the classroom
  • Alison Clarke: Is decoding about word identification or about making meaning from text?
  • Monique Nowers: The ‘Phonics Debate’: a lesson in irony
  • Greg Ashman: Education reporting in Australia
  • Kirsten Duncombe: Think on This
  • Pamela Snow: An open letter to student teachers
  • Pamela Snow: Pamela Snow reflects on The Reading League Conference, Syracuse, October 2018 – Pamela Snow

Book review

  • Wendy Moore: Learning disorders: A response to intervention perspective, by Peter Westwood (2017)

Consultant Notes

  • Ann Ryan: A Country Practice – meeting Kate Munro in rural Mudgee
  • Ann Ryan: Consultant Notes