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Bulletin | Volume 52 | No 3, December 2020


Council Notes

  • Lorraine Hammond: From the President
  • Michael Roberts: From the General Manager
  • Ann Ryan: Tribute to Elaine McLeish
  • Council News
  • LDA Awards 2020

Special issue: Thinking about Learning

  • Roslyn Neilson: In this issue of the Bulletin
  • Connie Cirkony, Mark Rickinson, Mandy Salisbury, Joanne Gleeson, Lucas Walsh & Blake Cutler: Using research evidence well in education
  • Roslyn Neilson, Tom Nicholson, Molly de Lemos: Editorial. Sequel to Using research well in education: Reflections from the Editorial Team
  • Ollie Lovell: Cognitive Load Theory in action
  • David Morkunas: Spaced, interleaved and retrieval practice: The principles underlying the Daily Review
  • Sally Robinson-Kooi: The English language learner and second language development: Essential background knowledge for classroom teachers
  • Kevin Wheldall & Robyn Wheldall: More WARs: The development of the WARL and the WARN
  • Jessica Colleau Terradas: Reducing reading failure in adolescence: Implementing direct instruction in a high school context

Book reviews

  • James Chapman: Reading Success in the Primary Years, by Marleen F. Westerveld, Rebecca M. Armstrong & Georgina M. Barton (2020)
  • Roslyn Neilson: How we learn: The new science of education and the brain, by Stanislas Dehaene (2020)

Consultant Notes

  • Olivia Connelly: Consultant Notes