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Bulletin | Volume 53 | No 3, December 2021


  • Robyn Wheldall: From the President
  • Elaine McLeish: Consultant notes
  • Roslyn Neilson: Council News

Special Issue: Response to Intervention

Changing of the Guard: Editorship of the Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties

LDA Awards 2021

  • Prof. Genevieve McArthur with Ros Neilson: Evidence-based interventions for reading: Reflections on the past, the present and the future
  • Tom Nicholson: Phonics – The greatest comeback in reading history: My part in its return

Roslyn Neilson: In this issue of the Bulletin

  • Kate de Bruin and Karina Stocker: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: Comparing Implementation in Primary and Secondary Schools
  • Emina McLean: Designing, implementing, and evaluating the Response to Intervention framework in schools
  • Cathryn Bjarnesen and Roslyn Neilson: Tiered levels of support: Can what happens in the triangles stay in the triangles?
  • Kevin Wheldall and Robyn Wheldall: Sage Advice: MiniLit ten years on
  • Professor Linda Siegel: Assessing ‘Learning Difficulties’: Reimagining the role of the educational psychologist in schools
  • Olivia Connelly, Sarah Gole and Jacqui Tarquino: Community voices: Lobbying for better levels of support for students with reading difficulties
  • Wesley A. Hoover and William E. Tunmer: A commentary on some recent claims made against the Simple View of Reading

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