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Literary Fiction Writing for Secondary School Students with Jenny Baker

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This session will focus on enhancing the development of written language in high school aged students across two expository genres – persuasive and interpretative.
Participants will learn about the macrostructure of different text types, so they can teach students the formulas for writing these text types.
Introduction (LAM)

  • Lead in
  • Answer the question
  • Provide a Menu
    Body Paragraphs (TEXR)
  • Topic sentence
  • Explanation
  • Example
  • Round off
    Conclusion (AML)
  • Answer the question,
  • Provide a Menu,
  • Lead out

Participants will also be introduced to the microstructures of each written genre.
Within the two expository genres, the focus will be on a variety of language devices used to deliver imagery, power, specificity, emphasis, emotion and persuasion with the inclusion of:

  • repetition
  • word choice
  • rhetorical questions
  • call to action
  • point of view
  • figurative language
  • personification
  • alliteration