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Best Practice using an RTI (Response to Intervention) Framework

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This course is split over 7 sessions of between 45 mins and 105 mins in length.
Our keynote speaker, Dr Anita Archer, will discuss explicit instruction in her presentation ‘The Magic is in the Instruction’.
Julie Scali will present on the Fundamentals of Response to Intervention.
Karina Stocker will provide examples of how a school in Melbourne has successfully used MTSS models.
Julie Sonnemann will present on ‘What the research says: How to embed small group tuition in schools?’
Screening assessments and setting targets will be discussed with Dr Robyn Wheldall, Dr Nicola Bell, Dr Siobhan Merlo and Julie Scali).
Emeritus Professor Louise Spear-Swerling will present on Identifying common types of reading difficulties.
Alison Madelaine will present on designing Tier 3 interventions.